Design and Build – Sponsor Method

At Tiny House Obsession, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative tiny house news and design.  We love the freedom tiny homes afford.  THAT is what drives us to look for ways to make the dream of living large in a tiny house come to life!

We were very excited when we found out about our friends at Sponsormatic, who have devised an ingenious way of turning tiny house dreams into reality.  They do this by getting businesses, both local and national, to sponsor parts of your tiny house construction.  This ingenious concept can only last while tiny homes are a still a novelty.  Once they become mainstream, which will happen soon enough, sponsor-driven construction will no longer be possible.  So, why wait?  Sponsormatic provides you with the information to act like a seasoned pro and get your sponsorship rolling.

You can learn more about Sponsormatic by clicking the button below.

Also, check out the time-lapse video of the tiny home built with sponsored products!


And check out their promo video here:

Get more information on the sponsorship approach to make your tiny house reality by clicking here

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